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Fiona sitting
Fi's Fund was set-up to help make Fiona's dream of learning to walk again become a reality.

The money raised is being used to send Fiona to a specialist rehabilitation centre where she will receive up to six hours of therapy a day. Such intense and holistic therapy is not available through the NHS and will cost up to £20,000.

Click the link below to see local news coverage of Fi's Fund.

  East Midlands Today Interview

Before leaving this site, please take 7 minutes out of your day to watch and enjoy Fi's video:

  Dare to Dream

It's inspirational and says more about Fi than we ever could!

Fundraising Coordinator   FUNDRAISING PROGRESS   About Fi
Jen Ardley Thank you
for taking
the time to
find out
about Fi's

I have been friends with Fiona since she whizzed into my office over 12 years ago. She has been an inspiration and good friend to me. She has given me strength and friendship when I needed it. Therefore I am determined to help her get on her feet!!

"I have been bowled over by people's kindness and can't thank them enough... THANK YOU EVERYONE!" Fiona.

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Target Amount: £20,000.00

Latest Fundraising News

Aug '07 Amazing news!!! The Quorn Tankard Society (made up of representatives of a number of the pubs in Quorn) have raised £3000 for Fi's Fund as part of the Party in the Park they have organised in Quorn this August, for more details see the fundraising news page.

With another donation of just over £200 on its way from Specsavers in Loughborough Town Centre, this puts us tantalisingly close to our £20,000 goal. We don't really know how to thank all those many, many people who have contributed to Fi's Fund, words cannot express Fiona's gratitude to you all.
June '07 With all the donations in from Nikki's amazing half-marathon we can announce that she has helped to boost Fi's Fund by over £1050! Thank you Nikki and all those who sponsored her!!!



Life has thrown more than a few challenges at Fiona.

She was born with a rare genetic condition which makes her joints dislocate easily. After being hit by a car in 1992, her condition worsened and she has had to use a wheelchair ever since. But she doesn't just rise to a challenge, she does it with unique determination and a smile on her face.


Site Updates     Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

August '07

New page called Rehab updates created for video footage.

Updates to front page and the fundraising page.


Fiona has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder of connective tissue which is very painful and debilitating. The collagen which makes up the connective tissue is weak, resulting in loss of strength of the skin, bones, joints and blood vessels.

Symptoms depend on the type of EDS and it can be a life threatening condition.